Superb Illustration by Simón Prades

German illustration art
Simón Prades is a Saarbrücken, Germany based graphic designer, illustrator artist who makes superb illustration art by using analog mediums like water color, pencil, ink and also computer tools. Simón works as duo job as freelancer and also teaches illustration in the university of applied sciences in Trier, Germany. generally his illustration artworks based on [...]
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23 Excellent Home Family Room Interior Designs

23 Excellent Home Family Room interior designs
Family room or living room is a place of your home where your family get together and engage in activities like watching Television, read stories, newspaper, home work, party with friends, important discussions etc. it’s really important to give your family or living room a cool or comfortable look, so that you and your family [...]
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3D Drawing Now Easy With 3Doodler Pen

Amazing 3D Pen invented
Imagine 3D drawing with a pen, you may think it’s not possible but truth is that World’s first real 3D drawing pen is invented and designed by Boston, MA based company WobbleWorks. It’s a really cool idea that you can draw 3 dimensional structures or objects like 3D models, shapes, plastic wire pendents, Jewellery and [...]
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Jeffro Uitto’s Driftwood Sculptures of Animals

Driftwood artwork
These awesome driftwood sculptures are real which created by Washington (Coast) based artist Jeffro Uitto. Jeffro is one of the finest wood artist and he creating wood sculptures since his high school days. you may surprised to know that Jeffro uses many of his self made tools for creating driftwood artworks. Jeffro Uitto’s shop located [...]
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